namawee betraying malaysia from taiwan

5 02 2009

I think that this topic had been discuss so many times, but still im quite interested to talk about it. As we all notice, this malaysian chinese boy has humiliated Malaysia, malay races and Islam from his unpopular video clip, “negaraKUKU”.. so many response that we receive from malay especially, the chinese and others.. But, if we think about it deeply, does we realise what he said is true??? Im not at Namawee side, but to be honest, majority of what he said is cristal clear..

The malay is very lazy, bad tempered, close minded and not all of them can take critics positively.. Many of the malay, including me, is far behind from any beneficiated field. Does we realize this?? As the chinese is moving forward, working or studying oversea, what the malays do?? Melepak, merempit and so many others useless thing.. This is why the malay been left far behind.. Do we notice that other races is not respecting us and Islam??

During Dr M time, we can say that not much of this races issues been talk about. This is because we can see that through his time, many of the malay entrepreneur is success such as Tan Sri Yahya and Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhari. This success people work hard, sacrifice a lot to achieve what they have today. This is a prove that malay also can success. But still, they are only minority of the malaysian billionare compare to others races. Please wake up my fellow malay, its time to prove to all those chinese and bastards HINDRAF that we also can move forward. Dont just depends on the government for subsidy, try to do it yourself.

Please give a comment either all of u agree or not with me. And one more thing, to all those chinese and HINDRAF, try not to talk about any sensitive issue. Of course all of us doesnt want any ‘blood bath’ such as 13 mei to happen again. Wassalam..




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5 02 2009

shit fucking chinese!!!

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