Just another 2 weeks….

9 05 2009

huishhhhhh… that is the only word that comes out from my mouth when i came back from work… only 2 weeks from now i will go back to malaysia. Why is it feel so long when it’s up to the last minute period? why cannot time be much faster like the rest 2 n a half month before???…

With the sand storm (local’s call it ‘turap’), unsatisfied Petronas bos (because of unefficient BMS n KPI) and payments problems, makes me a bit exhausted to cope with all this situation.. To be honest, standing here in sudan is just my body, and another half of me had gone back to malaysia. To many things playing in my mind. My mom, grandmom, family, friends (especially adi who will getting married) and ‘her’… How can i answered my boss about the payment delay?? huuuiiiishhh!!!! (again n again)  

Instead, there’s already so many plans comes in my brain for activity that is compulsory to be done when i come back. Do i have enough time for all of it? entah ler…




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